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Take walks along the river, canal banks and through the rice fields and learn about the traditional methods of farming and harvesting.


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Our cycling experiences on Indian cycles take the smaller canal bank route enabling you to experience the villager’s life. Enjoy the sunset and visit the temple which was used as a training centre for militants by the Travancore Kingdom


Canoe trips

You can rent your own canoe, or local people can paddle you through the canals while singing folk songs. You can also sample the local “Toddy” drink with the local people.


Bird watching

Early morning bird watching through remote areas of the village where you can see the rare birds, have tea and chat with locals before returning home for breakfast


Cooking classes

Cooking classes are held at almost any time by the host. Get to know a different variety of traditional Keralan food



Local made fishing rods are provided, please ask for baits



It is safe to swim in the river, however if you are not a strong swimmer, it’s not advisable as the river is almost 30ft deep. 

Note: Some activities have additional cost. Please ask for more information and charges.
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